Workwear for cleaning and service



At Hejco will you find workwear for you who work in cleaning and service at, for example, hospitals, schools, offices, cleaning companies, etc.


To all heroes who keep clean and tidy in our surroundings, we would like to offer the best possible workwear. We know that workwear for cleaning services should be comfortable and functional. It should be easy to do your job as a cleaner whether you are in a school or an office. You may need different features on your clothes to make your workday easier. Of course, you could wash the garments every day in high temperatures.


At Hejco you will find tops in many different colors and styles. Just so you could find your favorite. You will also find waistcoats with smart features and pockets. When it comes to trousers, we have everything from denim to black stylish with leg pockets. Pick and choose from our collection and find your and your colleagues' favorites.


Think about what kind of features you need in your workwear to make your workday better. Maybe you want a waistcoat with pockets for your mobile phone and a keyhole or you want to keep your mobile in a leg pocket. In our assortment you can find what you want.


Don't forget to choose a pair of comfortable shoes. It is important with comfortable shoes if you walk a lot during your workday. Our sneakers from Sika and Skechers are not comfortable for the feet. Anti-slip outsoles, breathability and the ability to wash in washing machines are other features.


Comfort for everyone working with cleaning and service!


Upper parts

Alice Ladies top
€ 30,20
Sanna Ladies Polo shirt
€ 32,36
Marcus Unisex Polo shirt
€ 32,36
Hejco Sam Polo shirt unisex
€ 32,36
Maja Ladies polo shirt
€ 32,36
Mika Unisex Jeans Waistcoat
€ 17,30
€ 71,61


Lilly Ladies Jeans
€ 75,65
Dante Men's Jeans
€ 75,65

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