The story of better workwear for nursing

Since the start in 1954 in the small village of Hyssna Hejco has developed and produced workwear for all the people caring for others.

In the 1950’s two salesmen Henry Johansson and Åke Arnell traveled the region of Sjuhärad with a collection of women’s wear. They took orders that was then sent as mail orders to the customers. One day Henry and Åke sat down in a small cottage in Hyssna, now called the “Red Cottage”, and thought about new business ideas. Åke had a fabric that he  had found on a shelf in a warehouse and when Henry saw this fabric it appeared to him as the same material as his girlfriend who was a nurse, had in her workwear at the hospital.

They started to draft the idea of how to produce workwear for nursing. To reach all the persons that worked within healthcare they bought an ad in the National paper “The municipality Worker”. At the same time, they moved the production to Lindhems väveri that was known for the great quality. After this the orders came flowing in.

To reach all the nurses they also started to advertise in the member magazines for nurses. The response was fantastic, and the orders was literary pouring in now. They needed more help to manufacture the orders and a lady named Anna Eriksson in the small village of Anderstorp came to help. Her factory grew fast and they were soon 40-50 persons sewing clothes for nursing. In addition to this Hejco also had their own seamstresses managed by a lady called Dagmar Häggebrandt. She made sure everything was going according to plan and they started to create catalogues with workwear for nursing, kitchen, cleaning and so on. The business was booming.

Hejco introduced white trousers to nursing

From the start it was mostly women’s wear that was produced for healthcare. But it did not take long until the assortment grew to also cover the male side of the staff. This was the time where the development of the white healthcare trouser started. The demand increased so quickly so Hejco started a factory in Åbo in Finland and soon after that also in Karleby, Finland.

When the business was at its peak there were sales offices in Helsinki, Copenhagen, Dûsseldorf and Breda. This together with several distributors in other markets led to the fact that Hejco became the leading supplier of healthcare workwear.

In 1983 when the business was at its peak it was sold to Fristad Skyddskläder, what is today Fristad AB.

Some of our customers was with us already at that time and has created this history together with us. We are so proud and happy for that. Others has just started the journey together with us. No matter what we will create the future together to create the best possible workwear for all the people within health and care.

Some of you have been with us since the start and helped us created our history. You are our heroes. Some of you have just began your history together with us and some of you are about to start. No matter what, together will we create the best workwear for the future for everyone working in healthcare.

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