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Dresses with V-neckline

In our assortment can you find classic dresses for you working in healthcare. You will find dresses in several different styles, materials and colours. All to help you find the dress you like and that makes your workday a little bit better.

Maybe you are looking for a dress in 100% cotton that fits you working as a nurse. Then you should look at our dress Helena with its fitted design fits perfectly. The dress is part of our Crinkle collection and is very comfortable to wear.

The dresses in our range are comfortable, stylish and in high quality. They can be washed at high temperatures repeatedly without affecting the quality. For us, it is important to have good quality and that we choose the best material that makes the garments last longer. In this way we contribute to a sustainable society. It's about helping you find the right workwear and learning how to best take care of your clothes, so they last longer. For every small step is calculated to affect our environment.

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