Recycled polyester

In 2019, we began to change the polyester in our materials and garments to recycled polyester.


Recycled polyester mainly comes from PET bottles, but to some extent also from old textiles. It is relatively easy to recycle polyester by melting down the PET bottles or textiles and making new fibers.


Polyester is not good at absorbing moisture, only 0.1% of its own weight. Therefore, it is common for sportswear to be made in polyester because you want the moisture to be "transported" away from the body and not get stuck in the garment. The material holds the colours in a good way, i.e. does not fade after many washes. It has to do with the fact that the polyester can be dyed throughout the entire fiber, while the color of the cotton fiber lies "outside" the thread. Polyester does not get wrinkled but keeps smooth and nice.



Polyester is a durable material that retains its color well. It is easy to care for and dries quickly after washing.

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