We strive to choose environmentally friendly materials when we make new collections. As part of this, we launched a collection in lyocell in 2020.


Lyocell is a fiber made from cellulose from fast-growing wood such as eucalyptus and beech. A biodegradable chemical is used to extract the fiber from the wood material. The process is closed, which means that about 99 percent of the chemical solution can be recycled and reused. The left over is broken down in biological treatment plants. After the chemical processing, a viscous cellulose pulp is obtained. This mass is then pressed through a nozzle, kind of like a large shower nozzle, to form long fibers. The fibers are then allowed to dry and then washed and spun into threads and woven into a textile material.


Environmental profits

The reason why more and more cotton are being replaced with lyocell is because of its positive environmental properties. The production process is circular with very few residual chemicals. In addition, the cultivation of the wood used is more resource-efficient than cotton. There is less water for irrigation and less chemicals.


The wood species also has the advantage that they can grow up on smaller land areas, i.e. they do not claim land that could instead be used for growing food. It is also possible to grow trees in several places in the world. For example, in Sweden we have plenty of trees, but we can’t grow cotton.



Lyocell is a very durable material. The material has a cool and comfortable feel. It also has excellent moisture absorption properties. In addition, lyocell is more wrinkle-resistant than cotton, more color-resistant and dries faster.

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