Re:use - Re:duce - Re:cycle


Imagine if worn-out workwear can be valuable again. Through recycling, reuse, re-design or updating. If a nursing dress can become a fashionable dress. Or whether a work uniform can be reused within, for example, charity. Imagine if you can make new fibers of old garments to weave new fabrics for new products. Imagine if we can give old workwear the opportunity to become something else.

Giving them another chance. A second life.


This is why we created Re:Hejco. Our goal is to close the circle for our workwear and give the products a second life. Now we give Hejco's customers the opportunity to send back their worn-out workwear to us. Then we will make sure that each individual garment is taken care of in the best possible way.


It's about giving our garments a second life and taking full responsibility. Just because a product has reached its lifetime with a user, it does not mean that the product is completely done. We are convinced that it still has value and can be used for something else!


Every year, we design, produce and send out hundreds of thousands of clothes from our warehouse to all our customers. Products that have been made with a lot of love and commitment to make each day at work a bit easier for those who wear them. The process has also had an impact on the environment. Now we want to take responsibility and enable these products to get a new chance.


Together we can make a difference!

Yes, I want to Re:Hejco but how?

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Tips or ideas?

Do you have tips or ideas on what a garment could be used for when it comes to Re:Hejco? Or do you perhaps even have a project that you think we should do together?

Perhaps you are a nurse, designer, entrepreneur, committed to charity, nursing student or just want to contribute to a more sustainable world?

Do not hesitate to contact us at
for together we can make a difference!

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