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Front buttoned upperparts

In this category you will find upperparts that are front buttoned with buttons or zippers. They are usually a bit more fitted and adapted for a more feminine approach. The garment is suitable for you working with healthcare, dental, animal care, SPA and beauty.

We develop our products together with our customers and this gives invaluable knowledge of what is needed for the workwear. Because we want you to feel comfortable in your clothes and look good during your workday.

Our front buttoned tops also work perfectly with a top under. This way, it is easy to vary your outfit.

If you choose an upperpart with a zipper, then you could add some extra sparkle. Attach a nice charm from our Sparkle range in the zipper and you get some extra sparkle. Nice for both you and those you meet during your workday.

The garments in this category are comfortable, stylish and have a good quality. They can be washed at high temperatures repeatedly without affecting the shape or colours. For us, it is important to have high quality and we choose the best quality for our material so that the garments last longer. In this way we contribute to a sustainable society. It's about helping you find the right workwear and learning how to best take care of your clothes, so they last longer. For every small step is calculated to affect our environment.

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