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Hejco takes back used workwear

Borås, June 5, 2019

Every year, Hejco designs, produces and distributes hundreds of thousands of workwear to customers around Europe. Now the company introduces the concept Re:Hejco which can give the clothes extended use.

- We want to take large responsibility for sustainability in production, all the way from idea to product and choice of material, and we also want to give an opportunity for our customers to be involved. With Re:Hejco we are starting our work towards a taking a circular responsibility, says Emma Ivarsson Product Manager at Hejco.

Increased demand from customers and the will to take responsibility along the entire chain is the reason why Hejco developed the concept Re:Hejco. It gives the customer the possibility to send back their worn-out workwear to Hejco in an easy way, instead of throwing them away. The garments are then fine sorted to find the best possible way for each individual garment to be used again.

- Most of our products are used for many years because of their high quality. And after that, now a nurse dress, could for example get a new design as a blouse or something similar, says Emma Ivarsson.

The clothes can be re-used in many ways - for example as new textile fibers, re-designed garments or in charity. The fact that Hejco has their head office in Sweden's textile town Borås has its advantages. There, they work closely with the best in the industry regarding recycling such as Korallen AB, Re: Textile, Borås Science Park and Textile Fashion Center.

¬ Providing a longer life for clothes is one of the greatest efforts each person can make for the environment. A garment that is used three times as long as it does today can reduce the environmental impact by 65 percent. We want to make it easier for our customers to contribute to this. With the quality of our clothes, we are absolutely convinced that they can have a much longer life than they already have today, says Helen Landerborn, Managing Director at Hejco.

The initiative is part of Hejco's overall sustainability work, which includes rental of workwear, a simplified return flow and a more environmentally friendly material selection such as organic cotton and recycled polyester.

Contact Hejco:

Emma Ivarsson, Product Manager,, +46 (0)70-733 30 84

Helen Landerborn, Managing Director,, +46 (0)70-080 77 82

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