A sustainable collection made of the more environmentally friendly material lyocell.


Imagine workwear with a modern fit and with nice details that are manufactured in an environmentally friendly way. It is good for both you and our environment. The fact that the clothes are also durable and breathable just makes them better.

Lyocell is made of cellulose in an environmentally friendly way. The material is processed in a closed cycle where 99% of the non-toxic solvents used are recycled. One of the many benefits of lyocell is that less water is required to make it when compared to cotton.

Workwear in a soft, comfortable, durable material will you get if you choose clothes from this collection. Ideal for those working in healthcare or dental.

Mississippi Ladies Tunic
€ 64,08
Missouri Unisex Tunic
€ 64,08
California Unisex Trousers
€ 70,44
Missouri Unisex Tunic
€ 64,08


We care about the environment

Caring about our environment and surroundings is important to us. It is about choosing good quality material that makes the garments last longer. And in this way contribute to a sustainable society. It is about helping you find the right workwear and learning how to best take care of them so that they last longer. For every small step counts and we will continue to do our best to drive development forward on these issues.

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