Customer journey

Q: I want to register as a customer – how do i proceed?

A: You are on the good track here and we have three good options for you. There is couple ways to get you shopping in no time. Easiest way is to fill in the form at register page or you can also contact our customer service by emailing to kundtjanst.se@hejco.com or call by phone to +46 33 20 22 60.

Q: How do i change my billing details?

A: Best way to change your details is to contact our customer service. They will help do it in a minute for you. Just send an email to kundtjanst.se@hejco.com or call +46 33 20 22 60.

About Hejco

Q: I want to know more about Hejco

A: As a market leader we want to increase the transparency in the industry and work as an example to others at the same time. This is something we are increasingly doing all the time. You can learn more about us and our values by reading the about page which introduces you to the company and our history. Also other good pages to read are our CSR, Integrity Policy, Suppliers and Production and Code of Conduct. If you have more questions we are happy to answer them at our customer service.


Q: Do you ship to my country?

A: We are currently shipping our products from our webshop to Finland, Sweden and Denmark. Since you are here, it means that you probably have found something that got you interested. We would love to ask you to contact us and we will do our best to help out. 

Q: Can I try out the garments somewhere? 

A: Sure! We have a lot of local retailers where you can go and try out our garments. Find the nearest to you at at retailers page.

Q: I’m not sure about my size

A: Don’t worry, with our size guide you can easily find out what sizes to order. All you need is a tape measure to help you out.

Q: When will my order be delivered?

A: Usually your order will arrive within a week if the garments you selected are in the stock. If only some of the items you have selected in your order can be found in the stock right away, then you will get those on first shipment and the out of stock items later. If you ordered customisation services such as logo printing or embroidery the delivery time will be somewhat longer. 

Of course we will send you confirmation of your order to your email with the estimated delivery time information after purchase. With any questions considering the delivery please contact our customer service.

Q: I think that my delivery is lost

A: Well that shouldn’t happen. Please contact our customer service and we will find the shipment for you.

Q: Can i return or change my order if i’m not satisfied with it?

A: Of course you can! Nobody should be using workwear that is not making them happy at work. Just follow the instructions at the returns page.

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