Hejco hero- Karin Larsson

A warm and pleasant atmosphere prevails at the reception desk and creates a sense of safety. Here are many patients who are afraid of the dentist. "It feels good to be able to help them," says dentist Karin Larsson

She has been working here since 2003 - after 20 years as a nurse at Borås hospital she received a gesture and retrained.She has never regretted that.
- I saw an advertisement in the newspaper, before I had never thought the thought, she said.
Working with people, she likes to enjoy.                                                                                                                                                          
- You meet so many different people, with different conditions that you can help in different situations.

Makes sure everything is flowing

As a dental nurse I do little of everything here. At the clinic there are two dentists, two dental hygienists and as many dentists. The dentists answer the phone, book patients, handle paperwork and make sure all the clothes are clean and clean.
- We are making sure everything is flowing on, says Karin, and notes that much of her work is taking place behind the scenes.
Everything may take the time required
The clinic has many patients, several dental workers. They are taken extra handy.
- We receive them when they arrive, enter the room and talk. Then the dentist comes in to talk and form an opinion. But we do nothing until the patient is ready, but everything must take the time required for the patient. It's a lot about knowing what exactly the patient needs, whether to kidd or to be calm. It's great when someone who has not been at the dentist for many years gets nice teeth again.

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