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Hejco- hero Josefine Klang

We at Hejco design, develop and manufacture work clothes for all those who work with care for others. We call them Hejco's heroes. In an article series we will ask some of them to join us on a small exploration journey in their everyday lives. Here, the physiotherapist Josefine Klang tells about his work at AniCura West Djursjukhuset.

- I had never thought that I would work with animals, says Josefine. I have always had animals around me in my spare time, bit I am educated on the human side and worked as a phsiotherapist with humans. But then I saw the ad for this job at AniCura Western Djursjukhuset and only felt 'That's something for me!'.
Patients are dogs and cats, but also the owners of the animal are helped by Josefine's work.
- I educated me to physiotherapist to make people feel better and get the best possible conditions in life. This is also true in this work - both for the animals and their owners. Many times, the owners are incredibly motivated and committed. Pets can often be the core of a family, and affect the whole family.

 For better mobility

Many dogs and cats come to Josefine after surgery. She also works a lot of prevention.
- For example, some animals with chronic diseases such as osteoarthritis have a great deal of physical activity, says Josefine.         
Other dogs may not have been trained for the tasks they will perform.
- A dog, for example, to chase all fall may need to start training already in the spring to be prepared for it. If the muscles are not as strong as they need to be, it will be easy damage, just as for us humans.
- Many dogs get too little exercise, especially if they are injured or injured. I can see it on recurring patients, to lose weight or lose weight when the dog has been worse, Josefine laughs.

 Difficulty and fingertips

The benefits of physical therapy can be the same for humans and animals, but a lot of things are different when working with animals.
- You must be very sensitive - the animals can not speak for themselves, says Josefine. One must be very careful in the survey, listen to what the pet owners tell and interpret the animal's signals.
- I instruct the pet owners how to do different movements with their animals, so that they can perform them at home. I have had cats here who have barely gone to tunders and dogs who are terrified. You can take a little at a time and adjust the treatment for the animal.
- It's a physical job and you have to have comfortable clothes that you can move freely when performing their duties. At the same time you want to look good. I usually work in a pair of pants and a Polo shirt from Hejco.

 sunshine story

AniCura Western Djursjukhuset is large and encompasses many competencies. You work as a big team to solve problems and create new opportunities.
- Often I have the most long-term contact with the animal,
says Josefine. Sometimes we treat them for up to ten weeks, and you meet the animals and the owners a lot.
- As a physiotherapist you have a very happy job. Almost all the animals that come here are getting better and getting a good life again, and the owners are also better thanks to it. You get to work - and get very much back.
- For example, I had a little older labrador here who was sad and very overweight. He had osteoarthritis in his toes and did not want to go. After five minutes, he would go home again. After five weeks of treatment, the walk was up for an hour. He was spicy and playful - a whole different dog! A true sunshine story, says Josefine.
- I feel every day I'm making good, and it feels very good!




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