How to take care of your clothes


Taking care of your clothes is just as important as taking care of yourself. Washing them in the right temprature, hanging them nicely in order to keep shape and use the right kind of methods to get rid of stains. A common question that we get is related to the fabric losing its shape or that colours are fading. Then when we talk with the customer we often find out that they have not followed the instructions in the label. If you know that you need to wash in high temperatures, we have selected some garments below for you that works for washing in 85 degrees.

Elin Lundström
Product Manager



  • Try to remove the stain at once, while it is still ”fresh”, if you know what it is. Do not rub it in! It should be dissolved. Scrape it off if possible.
  • Fat – Remove immediately with pure petrol, acetone or even methy lated spirits using as little liquid as possible (risk of leaving rings).
  • Blood – Remove immediately using cold water, and then hot water with biological detergent containing perborate.
  • Coffee – Remove immediately with hot water and biological detergent containing perborate.
  • Felt-tipped pen – Methanol or methylated spirits on a wad of cotton wool. Rinse with water.


  • Use fabric conditioner sparingly. Using too much can damage the textiles.


  • The bindings in the thickening agent cannot be dissolved by normal, alkaline washing. It is therefore important to, prior to washing, soak the garment in an acidic solution (e.g. citric acid).



Enlonger the life of your garments

In order to preserve the special qualities of each fabric, you should carefully follow the symbols that indicate the care instructions for the garment. These are included on the labels inside your garment. If you are unsure, you will find the explanation below.

  • Do not mix white or light coloured garments with strong colours.
  • Heavily soiled items should never be washed together with lightcoloured garments.
  • Never wash towelling, socks or similar together with woven materials.
  • Leaving items to soak is always risky – they can lose their colouring.
  • Never leave anything in soak for as long as overnight – you should preferably use your washing machine’s soak programme.
  • Special stain removers should always be applied prior to washing.
  • Turn all garments inside-out; colours and fabric surfaces will be preserved for longer.
  • Empty all pockets. Close zips and Velcro fastenings.
  • Washing by hand is no gentler than machine-washing. Therefore, clothes should always be washed in a washing machine unless the washing instructions state otherwise.
  • Do not wash at a temperature that is too low! If the washing symbol indicates 60°C, you should not wash it at 40°C just to be cautious. Colours may be stabilised at 60°C but fade at lower temperatures.
  • Avoid washing coloured garments with washing detergent that contains bleach.
  • Do not overfill the washing machine. This can cause permanent creasing that is impossible to remove by ironing.
  • After washing, garments should be stretched out before drying.
  • The care instructions for some of our garments contain the words ”Do not tumble-dry”. Woollen garments must never be tumble-dried.
  • Never tumble-dry at a temperature that is higher than the highest permitted washing temperature.
  • Dark garments should ideally be ironed on the reverse side. This improves their appearance and eliminates shiny seams.

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