Hejco Stripe

Hejco Stripe is a popular and timeless collection that is perfect for you working as a dentist.

Hejco Stripe is a classic collection for Hejco as the fabric has been in the assortment almost since Henry Johansson and Åke Arnell started Hejco in the 1950s. The garments have a classic fit and are comfortable.

The garments consist of either 100% cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester. Cotton is a very durable material that feels soft. It is a natural material that breathes, which means that you do not feel warm. The reason why some of the garments have a blend of cotton and polyester, is to get the best properties from both materials. You get a durable garment with good color resistance which does not shrink much, and which is easier to keep smooth and nice. Even with a high proportion of polyester, the cotton's softness and comfort are maintained.


These garments become more comfortable
the more they are washed and used.

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